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Neurovirtual participates in a ‘marathon’ of events in various countries and stands out in Latin America in 2017

October 29, 2017

There were six congresses in five countries in just two months! The marathon began in early September when the company, in partnership with the Brazilian League of Epilepsy (LBE) and the Brazilian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (SBNC), promoted the course “Electroencephalogram: From routine to continuous monitoring” in Sao Paulo. More than 100 specialists were interested in improving the diagnostic knowledge and EEG tests, making use of the latest technology equipment of Neurovirtual, especially the BWIII EEG plus ICU, for EEG monitoring.

Soon after, in September, it was time to participate in the VI Chilean Congress of Sleep Medicine, in the city of Pucón, carried out by SOCHIMES, the Chilean Society of Sleep Medicine. Neurovirtual and its exclusive Chilean distributor were present at this space dedicated to the development of sleep medicine with a booth to present their products, with professionals to answer questions and provide informative material about the equipment.

At the beginning of October, Neurovirtual was present at two different congresses: one in the Dominican Republic and one in Argentina. The Congress of LACE (Argentine League against Epilepsy) provided relevant studies and lectures as well as several cases for the analysis of theparticipants. In the Dominican Republic, there were 270 participants in paradisiacal Punta Cana who could see the lectures, which included neuro-pediatrics, neuropathic pain, brain tumors, neurosurgery, and functional neurosurgery, among others. Neuro-virtual set up a booth at the congresses to present its products, highlighting the BWIII EEG.

Next, the company participated in the XVIII Congress of Neurology in Ecuador, organized by SEN (Ecuadorian Medical Society of Neurology), and the XVII Journey of the Ecuadorian League against Epilepsy (LECE). Among the prominent themes were neuroimmunology, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, cerebrovascular disease, neuromuscular diseases, and Alzheimer’s.

At the end of October, Neurovirtual headed back to Brazil, participating in the XXVI Congress of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, which took place in Goiânia. The schedule had few thematic axes, such as epilepsy, intra-operative monitoring, movement dis-orders, autonomic nervous system and rehabilitation. Neurovirtual presented its products, with an emphasis on the BWIII EEG Plus ICU EEG Monitoring.

And so, Neurovirtual, the company in the area of neurology and sleep medicine that is growing the most in Latin America, is increasingly established as a reference for doctors and technicians. In two months the company traveled to several countries, listened to specialists from different areas of work, understood their needs and presented the main equipment for a humanized diagnosis focused on the well-being of patients.

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