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The Latin American Symposium on QEEG Electro and Quantitative Video 2023: Illuminating the Path of Knowledge in EEG

November 1, 2023

On September 29th and 30th, 2023, in Lima, Peru, significant days were marked, as the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel became the center of the Latin American Symposium on QEEG Electro and Quantitative Video 2023.

This symposium brought together a distinguished selection of internationally renowned speakers who shared their expertise and knowledge. Among the notable speakers were Dr. Alejandro Escalaya, Dr. Armin Delgado, Dr. Carolina Malamud, Dr. Clio Rubinos, Dr. Elliot Barreto, Dr. Jean Paul Vergara, Dr. Johnny Montiel, Dr. Jorge Burneo, Dr. Luis Carlos Mayor, Dr. Marlene Huamani, Dr. Mirla Vanessa Villafuerte, Dr. Nora Rojas, and Dr. Walter De la Cruz.

The topics that were covered ranged from “GENERATORS OF THE ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM,” presented by Dr. Alejandro Escalaya, to “QUANTITATIVE EEG,” led by Dr. Luis Carlos Mayor. Additionally, crucial aspects such as “THE EEG REPORT,” presented by Dr. Marlene Huamani, “EEG IN COMA,” with Dr. Clio Rubinos, and “FOCAL EPILEPSIES,” presented by Dr. Walter De la Cruz, were discussed. Issues of great relevance in “CLINICAL CASES” were directed by Dr. Jean Paul Vergara, and “PERIODIC AND PSEUDOPERIODIC PATTERNS” were analyzed thanks to the expertise of Dr. Elliot Barreto.

The symposium attracted a diverse group of participants, including physicians and residents from 11 different countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Peru, El Salvador, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Belize. Furthermore, an impressive 96.8% of participants who responded to the quality survey expressed their desire to participate in future EEG courses offered by Neurovirtual.

Some testimonials from participating physicians at the symposium included: “Excellent presentation and coordination. Always grateful to you,” “Excellent speakers and good organization,” and “Excellent speakers and instruction.”
Dr. Jorge Burneo, one of the distinguished speakers at the event, shared his vision:
“(…) Through more meetings like this, we can enhance our knowledge in EEG reading and, ultimately, in the treatment of epilepsy, which will benefit our patients.”

In summary, the Latin American Symposium on QEEG Electro and Quantitative Video 2023 stood out as a highly relevant event that has driven education and the exchange of knowledge in the field of EEG in Latin America. Neurovirtual’s strong commitment to medical education and the exceptional quality of its speakers played a pivotal role in the resounding success of this initiative, leaving a lasting impact on the medical community in the region and promoting substantial improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the future.

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