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Sleepvirtual participates in the XVI Brazilian Congress of sleep, in Joinville

November 4, 2017

congresso brasileiro do sono capa 2

Organized by ABS, Associação Brasileira do Sono, took place in Joinville (Santa Catarina) from November 01 to 04, the 16th Brazilian Congress of Sleep. In addition to national and international lectures, the congress offered courses on topics such as apnea treatment updates, diagnosis challenges and treatment in difficult clinical cases in sleep medicine, polysomnography interpretation and cognitive-behavioral therapy in sleep disorders.

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Among the speakers, who dealt with various subjects under macro-themes such as ‘chronobiology’, ‘neurosciences’ and ‘respiratory’, the highlight were on four international guests who shared their experiences with the participants: Dr. Debra J. Skene, from the United Kingdom; Dr. Hernan Andrés Marin Agudelo, from México; Dr. Patrick J. Strollo, from the United States and Prof. Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz, from Portugal.

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Sandro Senra, product manager at Neurovirtual, represented the company at the congress alongside with Alex de Oliveira, a business consultant. Highlights include the BWMINI PSG, a lightweight and compact amplifier with excellent performance for HST or Laboratory Polysomnography, with LCD screen with electronic impedance and up to 3 days of recording with the same set of batteries.

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