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Neurovirtual organizes cocktail during the World Sleep Congress

November 7, 2023

The cocktail event, organized by Neurovirtual during the World Sleep Congress was an event filled with excitement and collaboration. The evening began with a presentation by Neurovirtual’s President and CEO, Ed Faria, who shared a deeply personal message about his experience and how, over time, Neurovirtual has managed to expand to numerous countries. His message emphasized the idea that it is worth dreaming because dreams come true.

The event provided an enriching space for networking and information sharing among the attendees, totaling 105 doctors from 13 different countries. The diversity of perspectives and experiences present at the cocktail hour fostered deep and valuable discussions. The Windsor Barra Hotel, as the venue for the event, offered an elegant and conducive atmosphere for collaboration.

Among the international doctors who attended the cocktail event were renowned professionals, including Dr. Diego Garcia-Borreguero from Spain, Dr. Thomas Penzel from Germany, Dr. Lawrence Chan, Dr. Jesse Mindel, Dr. David Plante, and Dr. Thomas J. Dye, all from the United States, as well as Dr. Daniel Perez Chada from Argentina and Dr. Maria Angelica Bazurto from Colombia. Additionally, the event featured prominent Brazilian doctors, including Dr. Geraldo Rizzo, among others.

This cocktail event became a valuable space for collaboration and learning for all participants.

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