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Rio de Janeiro: Host of the 2023 World Sleep Congress with Prominent Participation by Neurovirtual

November 7, 2023

The city of Rio de Janeiro served as the luxurious backdrop for the prestigious 2023 World Sleep Congress, which took place from October 23 to 25. This international event brought together sleep experts and professionals from around the world, and Neurovirtual not only participated but also stood out as a leader in the field. The Neurovirtual team present at the event included Andrea Parra, Sales Manager for Latin America, Ed Faria, President and CEO, as well as clinical experts and support team members. The sales team was also represented by Joseph Pardo, Katerin Laverde, Angie Medellín, Carolina Piñeros, Marjorie Valenzuela, Alexandre Ribeiro, and Diego Barrientos.7

During the congress, Neurovirtual impressed participants with an expansive array of equipment, including the BWIII EEG Plus ICU Brain Monitor, BWIII EEG Plus, BWMini Ambulatory EEG, BWIII PSG Plus Polysomnograph, BWMini PSG Polysomnograph, HST Compass Respiratory Polygraph, and the BWCenter Patient Database HL7 Module. One of the highlights of the event was the BWIII EEG Plus ICU Brain Monitor, which was revealed to be essential for PSG and EEG monitoring and diagnosis.

In addition to the technological innovations presented, the 2023 World Sleep Congress also emphasized the International Sleep Research Training Program (ISRTP). This program is based on a network of 14 mentoring sites located in some of the world’s most prestigious and productive research institutions. In each of these sites, at least one internationally renowned mentor acts as a leader in sleep research. Neurovirtual’s prominent presence at the event not only demonstrated its commitment to innovation in clinical neurophysiology but also its leadership role in global sleep research, further solidifying its prominent position in the field.

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