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The first ever Eduardo Palacio Sánchez International Congress of Neurology

June 6, 2022

A Pioneer in its sector, Neurovirtual was one of the exhibitors at the first Eduardo Palacio Sánchez International Congress of Neurology, in Colombia. Between June 2nd and 4th, 2022, this event made it possible to speak to the brand’s experts, and to explore new information, which was attended by lead professionals in the field.

This was the first edition of the congress named because of Dr. Eduardo Palacios Sanchez. A prestigious Colombian neurosurgeon who has contributed with his writing of many studies and books. Thanks to his fellowships and associations in and outside Colombia, he was awarded with many distinctions.

Unfortunately, he passed in 2020 and the Colombian Association of Neurology decided to use the opportunity to pay tribute to him with this new congress.  The entity celebrates with honor his career in the areas of Medicine and Neurology, by naming the event Eduardo Palacio Sanchez International Congress of Neurology.

The themes of the congress revolved around epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neurosurgery, neuropediatrics, orphans, headache, sleep, stroke, neuromuscular and abnormal movements. At the end of each round of lectures, time was set aside for questions and specialized discussions.

The event took place in Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and during this congress, experiences and new discoveries were exchanged. With Neurovirtual in attendance, it was possible to share with visitors the benefits and functionalities of the BWMINI EEG equipment, as well as seeing the BWIII EEG Plus and EEG solutions.

A successful launch for Neurology

Four Neurovirtual representatives were there to welcome guests and present innovative solutions for the area of ​​neurology and sleep medicine. They had the opportunity to receive renowned names, such as Dr. Walter Gonzalez, Dr. Ivan Gaona, and Dr. Jesús Rodriguez, among others.

The Participation was great and Neurovirtual representatives saw the brand’s good positioning and the possibility of strengthening relationships with important customers, in addition to collecting new prospects. In order to share appreciation for the visitor’s participation, a tablet raffle was held, and the lucky winner was Dr. Walter Gonzalez, who was also a congress speaker. Another event was completed,  and many more achievements with the desire for the next opportunity remains!

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