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Sleep 2022 with Neurovirtual was beyond special

June 8, 2022

The beginning of June was different for those who dedicate their lives to Sleep Medicine. After two virtual editions, the time has come to return to Sleep 2022 in person. A complete program dedicated to promoting the latest advances in clinical medicine, sleep, and circadian.

From June 4th to 8th, physicians, researchers, and sleep team members were able to enjoy a renewed schedule, distributed in a wide variety of educational formats. The focus was the exchange of experiences, studies, and launches. A very exciting time where it was possible to reconnect with everyone and explore new research findings. It was also possible to learn the best practices to treat our patients and make new contacts.

Edition number 36: the return to normality

Each year, a North American city is chosen to host this important event. For this special edition, Charlotte, NC, was the one. Organized by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS), a joint venture of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Sleep Research Society (SRS), the event brought together perspectives and experiences that reflect the diversity of sleep and circadian medicine and research.

According to the organizers, this diversity is what makes SLEEP so special. Other highlights were the several activities proposed by the program. There were discussion groups, rapid-fire symposia, lunch debates, oral and poster presentations, clinical workshops, and the technologist track. A tribute to the 2022 AASM, SRS, and APSS winners awards also had their space on the agenda. And to create new relationships between sleep colleagues and reconnect with old friends, the event even hosted a PJ 5K run/walk on Sunday morning.

Neurovirtual’s booth at SLEEP 2022 Exhibit Hall

This was the first time since the pandemic, that the top minds of sleep medicine came together for Sleep 2002. And Neurovirtual was once again part of that story.

Welcoming experts in the field and presenting its range of solutions, Neurovirtual has selected some of its equipment that helps hospitals and clinics around the world. It was there that the latest HST Compass unit, BWIII PSG product line, and a mobile cart designed and capable of turning any room into a part of a sleep lab, were presented.

Neurovirtual’s space, inside the Exhibit Hall, was available from June 6th to 8th. Sharing this platform were also other companies showing their latest products and services developed to advance in the sleep medicine field.

The conference was attended by thousands of individuals from all over the world, all connected by their interest and expertise in sleep medicine. Many of these participants were pioneering leaders in the field. And Neurovirtual was pleased to host key opinion leaders from The Ohio State University, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Mercy Hospital (Kansas City), among many others.

The next edition has a date and place confirmed already. So, be sure to include your participation in this important program in your 2023 agenda. It will be in Indianapolis, IN, June 3-7. Hope to see you there!

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