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Encouraging expert development during the Sleep Medicine Workshop in Peru

May 25, 2022

The latest sleep medicine meeting in Peru was attended by roughly 39 specialists. The workshop was organized by the Centro Virtual de Postgrados (CEVIPO), to complement the theoretical training. It was the perfect place to learn how to achieve a primary clinical diagnosis, develop diagnostic studies, possible treatments, and monitorizing patients with sleep disorders.

This meeting took place between May 21st and 25th, 2022 and was focused on workshops with small groups. Demonstrations were carried out with the Neurovirtual BWMini PSG and BWMini HST equipment, all with the help and support of the brand’s sales team members, who were present during the five days.

The leading brand in equipment for neurology and sleep medicine exhibited, in addition to its equipment, supplies for sleep machinery and relevant informative materials for the construction of future projects with the doctors present. The exhibition was visited by professionals from Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

Once again, Neurovirtual leaves its footprint on the specialization of medical professionals from large countries, such as Peru.

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