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Neurovirtual expands its operations in Latin America

October 20, 2022

Even with all technologies available today, proximity and convenience, continue to be decisive factor when it is time to establish a trustful relationship. Promoting empathy and working on making travel distances shorter and more convenient for the patient, is what separates artificial from human intelligence. When we talk about the health sector, this proximity becomes even more relevant. It is what allows the exchange of knowledge and agility that can make a difference in patients’ diagnoses and treatment. Therefore, for many years there has been a constant business planning to be closer to customers, installing new bases in different countries. Neurovirtual, an American company, has taken that step already and landed a new base in Peru in 2022.

With well-established roots in other major countries, the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, Peru now has the opportunity to request locally, the sought-after equipment demonstrations from Neurovrirtual. In addition, this new office also provides 24/7 in-person and telephone support in three different languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

The main goal of this new Endeavor, is to contribute to a PSG and EEG diagnosis, humanizing results to the highest quality. Establishing an even closer relationship will help to understand Peruvian customers’ needs better and respond to their demands more quickly and efficiently.

Biomedical engineer, Andrés León, will be in charge of this new phase of Neurovirtual in Peru. He will be the commercial responsible and will drive training for each client. André will also be the person behind equipment demonstrations and installation.

Neurovirtual Perú

After many years of being involved in Peruvian events, congresses and courses, the time has come to disseminate technologies in an even more practical way. That’s why this decision promises to collaborate – a lot – with the health sector of this great Latin American country.

“We believe Latin America is a great power increasingly developing in EEG and PSG diagnostics. Therefore, we are proud to continue growing on the continent. With unlimited software updates and licenses, in addition to 100% free, uninterrupted technical support, we add value to the diagnostics market”.

concludes the brand.

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