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Neurovirtual promotes ‘Running for Better Sleep’ at the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine event

November 25, 2022

Always thinking about the well-being of its clients, Neurovirtual was present at the Regional Sleep Disorders Symposium promoted by the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine (ACMES) on November 18 and 19 in Colombia. The Neurovirtual team presented important sleep medicine products at this event, including BWIII PSG PLUS and BWMINI PSG. Renowned doctors in the field, such as Dr. Maria Angélica Bazurto and Dr. Rafael Lobelo, visited the booth and saw the equipment and services offered by the brand up close.

Approximately 100 people present at the Symposium were able to attend important lectures such as sleep and epilepsy, directed by Dr. Wilsón Rincón, and normal sleep: the importance of sleep in children and adults, presented by Dr. Miguel Suarez and Dr. María Angélica Bazurto, among others. In addition to the presentations, a 2-mile race was promoted with the hashtag #IRunToSleepWell to encourage running for improved sleep quality and quality of life. The race took place on the last day of the event. A breakfast was held following the race before the day’s lectures began: sleep hygiene and other strategies for dealing with sleep disorders and clinical cases, presented by Dr. Jorge Echeverry, Dr. Sonia Restrepo, and Dr. Ana María Gonzalez. Neurovirtual sponsored the race in recognition of its commitment to promoting sleep medicine worldwide.

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