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The Chilean Society of Sleep Medicine organizes two simultaneous courses for health professionals

October 18, 2022

The amount of knowledge that can be shared over an entire day is immeasurable. Therefore, the IX Course of Sleep Medicine and the II Course of Sleep Medicine for Primary Health Care were both a success. The two pieces of training were coordinated by the Chilean Society of Sleep Medicine (SOCHIMES) and offered on September 30th in Las Condes, Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile.

Neurovirtual, in addition to being one of the exponents of this great event, also helped to spread the Chilean Society’s initiative to promote Sleep Medicine among health professionals. In the time between the modules, participants had the opportunity to take a look at BWIII PSG PLUS, BWIII PSG, and HST COMPASS equipment. Three amazing solutions designed to diagnose sleep disorders. The Chilean Society of Sleep Medicine`s (SOCHIMES) president, Dr. Evelyn Benavides, was one of the renowned doctors received by the Neurovirtual team in its space.

According to the representatives of the American brand, Valeria Valencia and Dubraska Quevedo, despite being an event with a small audience, it was a great opportunity to share with professionals in the field of sleep medicine from all over Chile. Several of them were interested in home solutions, thanks to their convenience and ease of installation.

One more step towards humanized and shared medicine!

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