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Neurovirtual installs equipment in two hospitals in China

November 17, 2017
capa china

Sleepvirtual is proud to keep a pulse on the human element in diagnostics, and for this, actively participates in congresses and educational courses around the world. In this way, it has access to the most updated researches regarding sleep medicine and neurology, talks with experts from different realities and offers equipment in line with what the market needs, always with the latest technology.

In October and 2017, the company was honored to install its BWIII PSG Plus sleep system in two major sleep reference hospitals located in Beijing, China: Sleep Centers of the Beijing Union Medical School Hospital and the Chao-Yang Hospital.

Sleep Centers of the Beijing Union Medical School Hospital:

The Chao-Yang Hospital:

Felipe Lerida, product manager at Sleepvirtual, was present at the facility and reported that the professionals were very satisfied with the equipment. “Having our equipment in these two hospitals in Beijing, China is a very important milestone for Sleepvirtual in the mission to universalize sleep medicine worldwide, being the pioneer in solutions in the area of Neurology and Sleep Medicine.”

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