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Neurovirtual hosts 2nd annual distributor meeting at MEDICA 2017

November 16, 2017


The Neurovirtual management team hosted the second annual Distributor Meeting on Sunday Nov 12th, ahead of the 2017 MEDICA Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. Attendees this year included our distributors from China, Indonesia, Spain, and Portugal.

The meeting started with introductions, followed by a technical presentation from the corporate product manager, Mr. Felipe Lerida, who discussed the exiting new products released this year, and those to debut in 2018. Mr. Lerida also took this opportunity to discuss software updates, and opened the floor for questions and comments from the different teams in attendance, creating an opportunity for the global teams to discuss what their customers are asking for, and ask for targeted support from the Neurovirtual management team.


A catered lunch followed, where the teams could interact and get to better know each other, share more about themselves personally and professionally, and learn about the challenges facing their peers in other parts of the world.

Mr. Sergio Solis, corporate account manager, then hosted a presentation on overcoming challenges and objections from a sales perspective, sharing what he has encountered in the North American market, and creating a dialog among the teams in attendance to discuss their biggest challenges, and share best practices to overcome them.


The meeting later closed with a presentation by Mr. Ed Faria, CEO of Neurovirtual, who shared his vision for global growth, and Neurovirtual’s aggressive plans for sustaining this trajectory. The presentation covered the importance of branding, consistency, and reassured the distributor teams that the corporate office is there to help facilitate their success in any challenges they may encounter. The company’s stance remains humanizing the neuro-diagnostic experience, and making sure that every customer feels they are supported, every step of the way.20171112_111722

Starting Monday, the Neurovirutal management team was present in Hall 9, Booth B58, and featured our latest products, including our new line of sensors and belts for sleep diagnostics, and gold cup electrodes for EEG studies. The company also presented their Long-Term Monitoring, and ICU Monitoring device, mounted on an attractive and ergonomic cart, designed specifically for Neurovirtual products.

The show was a resounding success, allowing Neurovirtual to secure orders and develop new partnerships for further building a successful global brand.



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