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Second Diploma Course in Sleep Medicine of the Hospital Universitario Austral in Argentina

May 9, 2017

Neurovirtual, always committed with passing on knowledge in sleep medicine, received an invitation from the Hospital Universitario Austral in Argentina to participate in the Second Diploma Course in Sleep Medicine through a practice workshop conducted by Dr. Daniel Pérez Chada, Dr. Stella Valliensi, and Dr. Arturo Garay.

During the event, held on April 22nd, the recommendations of the AASM (American Association of Sleep Medicine) in a diagnostic polysomnography protocol were presented. Physicians who are specialized in different areas, and who arrived in Buenos Aires from different cities in Argentina, had the chance to interact with the latest diagnostic equipment, Sleepvirtual BWIII PSG; to connect electrodes and sensors; and experience the full methodology to perform a diagnosis of sleep disorders with a real patient. All these professionals were full of expectations.

This is how Neurovirtual conceives work in the develpment of medicine; events like this one not only allow the team to interact closely with physicians, but also to show them our technology, its reliability in the results, and to continue exploring new alternatives in diagnosis since our mission is to universalize and humanize diagnostics.

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