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Neurovirtual inaugurates sales office in Argentina

October 24, 2016


Neurovirtual has been developing high quality diagnostic products at affordable prices since 1969. The company is known for pioneering solutions that are effective, affordable, and comfortable for patients and medical professionals to use.

Neurovirtual prides itself in providing a universally accessible family of neurology diagnostic products intended to help increase the quality of life of patients and the professionals who care for them. The company has been driven by a desire to humanize every aspect of the experience by ensuring that all the product offerings are simple to use and backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals that are ready to assist anytime, day or night, across any time zone in three languages. Thus, globalizing the availability of Neurovirtual products is a priority objective, as evidenced by the establishment Neurovirtual office in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

Neurovirtual has been operating in Latin America since 1998, and strives to assist medical professions and consumers in LATAM to achieve better results through the use of better products. In the spirit of improving the quality of life on a global level, the company is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Neurology has become an extremely important part of Argentine medical treatment. Dr. Roberto Caraballo, neurologist of Garrahan Hospital, reported that there are sixty thousand refractory epilepsy patients in Argentina on average, and according to the Argentine League Against Epilepsy, the treatment of epileptic patients is still a challenge with the current state of available technology in the country. By providing high quality diagnostic devices, Neurovirtual aims to contribute to the improved treatment of these epileptic patients.

Dr. Daniel Perez Chada, professor at Austral University in Buenos Aires, emphasized the quality of the equipment and peace-of-mind provided by the available 24/7 technical support online and over the phone in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The company attends several conferences and seminars through the world with the purpose of introducing a better option for diagnosing patients. Neurovirtual also hosts educations training programs in several countries, benefiting both the medical community and the general population it serves. Neurovirtual hopes to bring these benefits to the people and professionals of Argentina through this new venture.

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