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53rd Argentine Congress of Neurology

October 28, 2016


At Neurovirtual we are satisfied to have participated at the 53rd Argentine Congress of Neurology, held in Mar del Plata in Argentina from October 25th to October 28th, 2016, and which was organized by the Sociedad Neurológica Argentina. This year, the congress welcomed a group of more than 1000 neurologists, epileptologists, and other neurology specialists. There were several international speakers and guests, from the US, the UK, and the Netherlands, at the event, together with the most renowned neurologists in Argentina.

This year, the congress hosted integrated sessions and talks with experts from Argentina and from overseas.

The conference discussed topics such as:

  • Pharmacology in epilepsy
  • The functional and social impact of sleep disorders
  • Controversial topics in neurology
  • Neurologic emergencies
  • Infectious diseases with neurological repercussions

Neurovirtual exhibited its new monitoring equipment BWIII LTM-ICU and BWMini AEEG to the participants in the conference, who showed their interest in interacting with these devices.




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  1. Jorge Gonzalez, MD says:

    Me gustaría atender una conferencia pero me pregunto si es CME, y convalidable

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