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International Congress in El Salvador Addresses Neurology for Non-Neurologists

June 1, 2019


Pursuing the goal of democratizing Neurology-related topics for physicians, residents, students and health professionals, the El Salvador Association of Neurological Sciences organized the VII International Congress of Neurology for Non-Neurologists and the VI International Symposium on Neurology. From May 23th to the 25th, the city of San Salvador hosted important debates and presentations of solutions for the area.

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Some of the topics addressed were: epilepsy in the transition from adolescent to adulthood; migraines and the risk of neurovascular events; how to detect early stroke: hemorrhage versus ischemia; pediatric stroke: a hidden reality; strategy for prevention and cognitive vascular treatment; advances related to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; febrile seizures; syncope and lipothymia; challenges of headache diagnoses in adults; management of vertigo by non-neurological physicians; and advances in neuroimaging in neurological diseases.

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Neurovirtual was set up with a booth at this event, and was represented by Andrea Parra, Sales Manager Latin America, and Joseph Pardo, Engineer. Together they presented the company’s portfolio of solutions aiming at the Neurological sector, with special highlights on the BWIII EEG Plus, a complete equipment which allows physicians to have remote access to the exam through specific software. Numerous experts, including Dr. Francisco Cornejo Salvador and Dr. Wendy Sanchez Salvador, stopped by the booth and had the opportunity to learn more about what Neurovirtual has to offer.

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