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55th Argentine Congress of Neurology

November 2, 2018


The 55th Argentine Congress of Neurology took place from October 30 through November 2, 2018, headquartered at the Sheraton Hotel, Mar del Plata, Argentina. The congress was sponsored by the Argentine Neurological Society (ANS), featuring the presence of foreign lecturers recognized academically by the society


The main objective of this meeting, which brought together more than 1200 specialists in the area of neurology, was to share knowledge and experiences, and above all to promote the debate of the latest research in this specialty. Therefore, various scientific papers and themes presented were discussed.


Neurovirtual was present on this occasion, and their innovative products were made public to the participants and the marketplace. The BWMini EEG and BWIII EEG Plus devices, which have recently been introduced in the market, have been shown to be competitive, characterized by offering software patented by the brand, designed to facilitate the use of the device to its customers.


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