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1st UNIPETE-NEUROVIRTUAL Course updates doctors and technicians of the Neurology area

September 23, 2018


The 1st UNIPETE-Neurovirtual course took place on September 22, 2018 at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Brazil. The theme was “Electroencephalography: From routine to monitoring of the surgical center and ICU.” The course gathered 136 participants, including neurologists, neuropediatricians, neurosurgeons, and EEG technicians. The UNIPETE (Epilepsy Research and Treatment Unit) is an institution specializing in research in the field of epilepsy and organized the event together with Neurovirtual.

Dr. Elza Márcia Yacubian is one of the scientific directors of the course, along with Dr. Mirian Guaranha. Dr. Elza Yacubian pointed out that “In recent decades we have witnessed a considerable development with the emergence of a new specialty: the Electroencephalogram in intensive care units, of unique significance in the evaluation of neurological patients in general.” For this reason, it is essential to update professionals in the area of neurology about the electroencephalography novelties. The course offered specific programs for doctors and technicians.


The physicians present had the opportunity to participate in case studies and classes that addressed basic neurophysiology, the step-by-step in EEG recording, EEG maturation, and electroencephalographic patterns in ICU practice, among other subjects. As for the technicians, they sat in on classes that addressed the record preparation, testing, and attendance of crisis as well as workshops on electrode positioning, according to the 10×20 system, and many other subjects. According to Dr. Mirian Guaranha, “In addition to the theoretical lectures, the technicians had the opportunity to practice in the workshop in a very interactive way and to associate the theory with a simulation of the day-to-day practice.”


All participants of the 1st UNIPETE-Neurovirtual course, received at the end of the course a pen-drive with materials and the book, The ABC of an Electroencephalographic Record, by Dr. Elza Yacubian. According to the quality survey conducted with the participants, the course was a success. About 98% of those present would return to future Neurovirtual courses and would recommend them to their professional colleagues.


The participants were also able to learn about the main Neurovirtual equipment, such as the BWIII EEG, BWIII EEG PLUS, BWMini EEG, with an emphasis on the BWIII EEG ICU/LTM. The BWIII EEG Plus ICU Monitoring EEG has the intuitive Brain Monitoring ICU/LTM, and offers the possibility of online medical evaluation (including by mobile devices), customized reports in Microsoft Word, and EEG video editing before stapling, among other functions. Neurovirtual aims to humanize diagnostics worldwide and is proud of its commitment to promote knowledge of EEG and epilepsy.

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