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13th Colombian Congress of Sleep Medicine

September 19, 2018

The 13th Colombian Congress of Sleep Medicine had the presence of 41 speakers from around the world and took place in Barranquilla (Colombia) from September 19th through 22nd, and gathered around 300 national and international experts.

The balance between life and science was the theme of the lecture, “Present and Future of Sleep Medicine in the World”, given by Dr. Christian Guilleminault, physician and researcher, recognized for his early discovery of obstructive sleep apnea in 1972 at the University of Stanford. Participants were very interested in the subject, as Dr. Christian Guilleminault demonstrated that it is possible to solve any unknown and develop an assertive solution to the problem encountered.

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Neurovirtual participated in the event and presented advanced equipment, such as BWIII PSG and BWMini PSG, demonstrating once again, its leadership in quality and cutting-edge technology, with a unique and easy to use software.

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