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Neurovirtual hosts dinner with renowned sleep physicians in Brazil, promoting the brand’s presence in South America and throughout the world

December 29, 2022

Sleep medicine has gained even more prominence with the Sleep Congress held from November 30th and December 3rd in Goiânia. Neurovirtual hosted a dinner where the company’s global positioning was presented to guests. Neurovirtual stands out as a leading company in the development of equipment used in sleep medicine and neurology, with the main objective of humanizing diagnosis.

Currently considered one of the five in the sector of EEG and PSG diagnostic equipment, Neurovirtual is recognized by prominent international universities through the development of research that has proven the quality of its products.

The “Neurovirtual of the World to Brazil” dinner, held at Grá Bistro on December 2nd, received over 60 guests, including renowned specialists and speakers. The CEO and President of Neurovirtual, Ed Faria, reminded attendees that the company has been for decades in Brazil and is consolidating its position in the country every year. Worldwide, Neurovirtual is exponentially expanding its business in countries such as the United States, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and with offices to be opened in Spain and Canada, as well as having a distribution network in more than 50 countries.

According to the president of Neurovirtual, this event was an opportunity to show that the brand is an important player in the market and has a competitive position in the area of sleep medicine in Brazil and other countries. “This is the first time we have organized a large-scale dinner in Brazil, although we have held similar meetings in other Latin American countries. We had the opportunity to bring in important client testimonials, as well as share presentations of some scientific studies published by important universities around the world,” emphasized Faria, while  also confirming the fact that Neurovirtual’s strategy is 100% focused on the client.

The doctors present at the dinner were able to hear testimonials from clients of renowned institutions such as Dr. Diego Garcia-Borreguero (Sleep Institute – Spain), Dr. Thomas Penzel (Charité University of Berlin – Germany), Rita Brooks (Capital Health System – USA), and Danielle Liverlsberger (Ohio State University – USA).

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