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19th Brazilian Sleep Congress presents Neurovirtual´s exhibition of polysomnography equipment

December 16, 2022

The importance of sleep for health and quality of life should always be taken into account, especially when considering the rush of day to day. Neurovirtual values these principles and always seeks to be present at the main conferences, in the world of sleep medicine.  Presenting the strides being made by Neurovirtual in the area of sleep, always thinking of client and patient. In 2022 it was no different.  Neurovirtual participated in the 19th Brazilian Sleep Congress held from November 30 to December 3, 2022, at the Convention Center in Brazil.

Neurovirtual’s president, Ed Faria, was at the event and highlighted the importance of the brand being present among so many renowned doctors and speakers. “Since 2017 we have participated in this congress. We are a company focused on and specializing in sleep medicine and neurology. And being in spaces like this allows for discussions and scientific collaborations on PSG and the diagnoses of sleep disorders. With so much shared knowledge, we can improve our team and services, always thinking about client and patient”. The president of the Brazilian Sleep Congress, Giuliana Macedo Mendes, reinforced the sentiment of president Ed Faria, stating “The great message of this Congress is patients with Sleep Disorders must be cared for in an individual, personalized, and practical way”.

Neurovirtual displays the following equipment: Polysomnography – BWIII PSG Plus, BWMini PSG, BWMini HST, Compass HST, and the BWIII PSG. Neurovirtual’s clinical director, Sandro Senra, and sales manager, Alex Oliveira, accompanied Neurovirtual’s CEO, Ed Faria, in demonstrating their latest products at their company stand. Some Neurovirtual associate doctors who visited the space, were Dr. Geraldo Rizzo, Dr. Nonato, and neurologist Ester Londres.

The congress had 7 international and 162 national speakers, 9 pre-congress courses, 3 simultaneous plenary sessions, 3 conferences, 7 symposiums, poster presentations, and a meeting of Academic Sleep Leagues. These topics stand out from the event’s agenda: Polysomnography in children: sleep stagnation and associated events, by Dr. Gustavo A Moreira; sleep exams and diagnoses: how to interpret Polysomnography, by Dr. George do Lago Pinheiro; and Interpretation of the Polysomnography report, Dr. Stella Marcia Azevedo Tavares.

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