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Panama welcomed its First Sleep Medicine Introductory Conference

May 22, 2022

Four Neurovirtual sales team representatives were in the First International Conference on the Introduction to Sleep Medicine, in Panama City. The American brand did not miss this opportunity to get closer to the Panamanian public by delivering information and demonstrations of its excellent BWIII PSG and BWMini PSG equipment.

The event offered a complete experience to more than 40 registrants. In a hybrid format, participants started the day with presentations on the neural mechanisms and neurophysiological aspects of normal sleep and ended the day with discussions about epilepsy during sleep.

The conference took place on May 7th, 2022, at the Hotel W Panamá, with a great reception from the participants. This event was the result of a joint effort between the Inter-American University of Panama, the European Sleep Institute, the Sleep Institute Foundation, and the Panama Medical School.

18 experts from the United States, Spain, Chile, and Colombia participated in this conference, in addition to local representatives. The organization and coordination were in charge of doctors Diego García-Borreguero, European Sleep Institute (Madrid) international director, and Fernando de Gracia, from the Inter-American University of Panama and Santo Tomás Hospital.

This was an event that surely promises to leave a mark on the path of sleep medicine in Panama.

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