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Two thousand specialists discuss best practices at the 12th Congress of Neurology in São Paulo

June 1, 2019

capa congresso paulista de neurologia 2019

The main question that guided the program of the Congress of Neurology held May 29th to June 1st in São Paulo, was: “How to gather a list of information in seeking clinical spectrum outcomes, including diagnosis and treatment, that contributes both to the neurologist’s professional growth and better care for the patients?”

In its 12th edition,  the event brought together about two thousand neurology specialists from all over the country. In the area of exhibitors, Neurovirtual was present with a booth strategically located next to the entrance of the auditorium. The company also promoted its main electroencephalogram equipment, the BWIII EEG PLUS, the BWIII EEG, the BWMini EEG and the BWIII EEG Plus ICU, equipment featuring complete monitoring that has protocol customization for the ICU Neuro, Trauma, or Video EEG/ LTM


In its second participation in the congress, Neurovirtual’s booth was attended by renowned doctors and lecturers, such as Dr. Mirian Guaranha, who spoke about “Indication and Importance of the Stereo – EEG in the Surgeries of Epilepsy” and Dr. Samir Magalhães, who addressed the theme of “Neuromodulation.” An exciting occurrence took place at Neurovirtual’s booth, the drawing of a discount coupon worth $5,000.00 towards the purchase of any Neurovirtual equipment,. Dr. Ana Carolina Zetehaku, Neurologist and Neurophysiologist of São Paulo, was the lucky winner.


The event enabled important spaces for discussions and networking with customers and prospects about future projects, relevant studies, and innovations for the diagnostic area in neurology. In part of the congress, the highlighted subjects were “Epilepsy Comorbidities and EEG,” by Prof. Eliova Zukerman, “Focus on Generalized Epilepsies and Generalized Paroxysms in Focal Epilepsies: the EEG value,” by Dr. Luiz Otávio Caboclo, “Autoimmune Encephalopathies: Diagnosis and Conduct,” by Dr. Renata Barbosa Paolilo, and “Pródromos and Auras in Epilepsy,” by Dr. Elza Márcia Yacubian.

Another highlight of the congress was the APAN (Neurology Association of São Paulo) APP, which enabled participants to share information and to have access to the Neurovirtual Magazine, a trilingual publication of the company, with news, interviews and recent scientific studies in the areas of neurology and sleep medicine.

The team who represented Neurovirtual during the medical congress was composed of Ed Faria, President & CEO; Sandro Senra, Clinical Director; Jéssika Brito, Marketing Coordinator; and Alex Ribeiro, Business Consultant. Coordinator, and Alex Ribeiro-Business Consultant.


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