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Neurovirtual held EEG course in Indonesia

July 31, 2017

Continuing its commitment to education in the field of Neurology worldwide, Neurovirtual is proud to have been a sponsor at the Indonesian Annual Congress of Neurology, held July 28-31 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Neurovirtual offered an EEG workshop for experts from various parts of the country, covering the topics listed below, which were praised by participants.

  • Normal EEG (awake/sleep) and normal variants in adults and children
  • How to recognize artifact and differentiate from cerebral origin
  • EEG patterns
  • Epileptiform patterns
  • Non-epileptiform patterns
  • EEG pattern in common epilepsy syndrome
  • EEG pattern in encephalopathy
  • Hands-on with Neurovirtual EEG System

“EEG workshops like this one are extremely important for Neurovirtual and fulfilling our mission to universalize EEG diagnostics. They allow for the opportunity to interact closely with local physicians on a personal level, and show them the unique features of our technology that help them better address their patients’ needs,” said Felipe Lerida RPSGT, Neurovirtual’s clinical product manager, who participated at the event.

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