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Neurovirtual is present at the International Epilepsy Symposium, in Chile

May 18, 2019


The 10th edition of the Latin American Meeting of Epilepsy Centers, hosted in the capital city of Santiago, Chile, was attended by 200 specialists and residents, Chilean and foreign, in addition to 13 renowned speakers from the area of epilepsy. One of the highlighted themes of the program was neurological surgery of cortical dysplasia as an alternative to refractory epilepsy, with a focus on low cortical development, one of the important causes related to the development of epilepsy. Another highlight of the event was the participation of neurosurgeon Dr. Juan Bulacio, a Latin American specialist in the subject, who showed several clinical cases supported by images.


Neurovirtual took part in the event, presenting the electroencephalography equipment line, the BWIII EEG, the BWIII EEG Plus and the BWMini EEG, reaffirming its leadership in quality and technology in the sector. The booth was visited by a few important Chilean specialists, including Dr. Viviana Venegas, Dr. Loreto Ríos-Pohl, and Dr. Monica Gonzales. The Neurovirtual space also had a high flow of visitors and many left the event very interested to know more about the brand and the equipment solutions available in the portfolio.

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