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Colombia hosts the 2022 edition of the Latin American Congress of Epilepsy

December 15, 2022

Topics discussed at the XII Latin American Congress of Epilepsy included epilepsy in the elderly, genetics, neuropsychology, and epilepsy in adults and children. All were examined by professionals from the congress, which was organized by the International League Against Epilepsy in Medellin, Colombia. Neurovirtual was at the event exhibiting their neurodiagnostic equipment. The company brought together representatives from Neurovirtual’s team, who are dedicated to their brand of EEG equipment.

Neurovirtual’s CEO and President, Ed Faria, was on hand to greet and receive the doctors and visitors who tested out the equipment and software: BWAnalysis EEG/ICU/LTM and BWCenter. Medellin, Colombia was a wonderful setting for the four days, enhancing the exchange of information on medical, social, and scientific advances in epilepsy.  Participants enjoyed outstanding courses, workshops, and conferences coordinated by renowned international and regional professors.

According to the president of the Latin American Region of Epilepsy, Dr. Mario Arturo Alonso Vanegas, this congress “was the perfect platform, giving the area of epilepsy the publicity it needs, which is a public health problem in the region”.  We look forward to providing continued medical education to all neuroscience participants, upgrading also the treatment of people with severe disabilities. Doctors from different Latin American countries were present at the event which managed to gather a total of 600 participants. This demonstrates not only the success of the congress but also the assertiveness of Neurovirtual in supporting this meeting since 2017.

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