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BWAnalysis EEG/ICU/LTM Software

Our high-quality products offer the latest in hardware technology, paired with our proprietary BWAnalysis software, allowing for greater efficiency so you can better serve your patients. Neurovirtual employs a dedicated team of in-house software developers and engineers, whose primary goal is to continually improve our user platform to better suit your needs. Part of our people-first approach includes 50 hours of software customization with every new order, ensuring our software suite is the most intuitive and user-friendly package available.

Quantitative EEG

  • Measurement Tool allows user to select a specific area in the EEG to display duration, frequency, & amplitude
  • EEG Spectrogram feature to select specific channel derivations to display Amplitude and Dominant
  • Frequency Analysis graphically
  • Digital Analysis and Brain mapping. Calculate (FFT) and display brain maps, frequency histograms, & CSA spectrums

Synchronized HD Video

  • Pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ) to view 360 degrees of angles and zoom up to 18 times
  • Dual Video capability allowing configuration of two cameras capturing wide and close angles
  • Post-Acquisition Zoom
  • Video clipping feature, allows you to keep only the important events
  • Live Review Video Monitoring
  • HD Audio captures two-way communication between patients and technicians

Fully Customizable Software

  • Customizable Photic, Hyperventilation and Post- Hyperventilation protocols give you the flexibility to accommodate individual patient needs
  • Live Review of data and montage editing from EEG screen during live acquisition
  • MD Workspace allows user to create custom work spaces configured to meet their preferences
  • Microsoft Word Report Template generation

Easy Crop Feature

  • Easy clipping feature on the toolbar permits users to crop and prune recorded studies
  • Cropped studies maintain synchronized video clippings
  • Track your cropped studies through BWCenter, our SQL patient database


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  • Dr. Thomas Penzel, Germany
  • Tina Helphrey, RRT, RSPGT - Bellin Health
  • Carlo Noble, NeuroTrials Research Atlanta’s
  • Lauren McCune's, RN - Butler, PA
  • Mary Jane, RPSGT - Sistersville, WV
  • Melanie Anderson, RPSGT - Goodyear, AZ

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