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Annual meeting of the Mexican Academy of Neurology, brings together more than 1,000 neurology professionals in Mexico

December 10, 2019

The highly intensive discussions and the remarkable interest of the participants were commensurate with the magnitude of the XLIII Annual Meeting of the Mexican Academy of Neurology, held in Puerto Vallarta, on November 18-23, in Mexico.XLIII REUNION ANUAL ACADEMIA MEXICANA DE NEUROLOGÍA_2

In five days of scientific programming, lectures, debates, and presentations of research and case studies, about a thousand people, including students and professionals from different specialties, and national and international teachers of the highest scientific and academic level, debated the main topics concerning neurosciences and neurological updates in continuing medical education.

Doctors, nurses, neurologists, psychologists, and technicians were presented with different approaches in neurology with one common goal: to enrich their professional practice. A special highlight was the inclusion of younger teachers’ presentations, who in addition to sharing new knowledge also shared new ways of thinking and new approaches in addressing the clinical problems that all doctors face in their daily lives.


Neurovirtual recognizes the importance of the academic class and was present at the event with an exhibition of its solutions in equipment and accessories, including the BWIII EEG, BWIII EEG
PLUS and the BWMini EEG. Joseph Pardo, an employee of Neurovirtual, represented the company during the annual meeting, clarified questions, and provided important information to visitors regarding Neurovirtual solutions, like its customizable and innovative equipment, along with 24-hour support, clear and concise records with a much longer life.

The Mexican Academy of Neurology employs continuous efforts to contribute to the growth and diffusion of neurosciences and to provide knowledge to its members for better patient care. Likewise, Neurovirtual acts with a focus on the humanization of diagnosis, bringing to the market the most modern technology and solutions to the sector.

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