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Symposium On Sleep Disorder Update November 2018 Cali

November 23, 2018


With the support of the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine (ACMES in Spanish), the Symposium on Sleep Disorder Update was organized on November 23rd and 24th of this year. In addition to the nearly 100 local and national experts, the event was attended by 12 lecturers of the highest academic level. Some of the topics addressed were the new classification of sleep disorders, phenotypes, and pathophysiological mechanisms in obstructive sleep apnea, clinical and diagnostic evaluation of insomnia, sleep study indications, and circadian rhythm disorders.


Exhibitions on parasomnia and sleep deprivation were extraordinary. They were offered by Dr. Lina Tavera, who specializes in neuropediatry and also has a postgraduate degree in integral sleep medicine. Lina stands out for her assertive and interesting lectures. In addition to the lectures mentioned, she also participated in a workshop with Neurovirtual, in which the BWIII PSG Plus device was demonstrated. Those who attended the workshop participated actively.

Neurovirtual sponsored the event and demonstrated once again its commitment to physicians and patients in contributing to the development of new technologies that facilitate work and provide safety and quality of life for patients. The BWIII PSG Plus and BWMini HST were two of the devices shown by Neurovirtual, differentiating them from the rest as well as proving how they stand out in the industry

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