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Neurovirtual equipment is proudly made in the U.S.

July 7, 2020

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Neurovirtual is delighted to announce that all diagnostic equipment is now made in the U.S., consolidating production, quality control and logistics process, as well as customer service, in its Fort Lauderdale office. This allowed the creation of new jobs in the local community, growing the company’s labor force by 25%, as well as providing better support to other US vendors due to domestic commissioning of many components.

All production of BWIII portfolio – BWIII, BWMini and Compass – are done by professionals at the Fort Lauderdale plant, enabling Neurovirtual to build new orders on demand and make order fulfillment a streamlined process. The products are also inspected for quality control on-site and further handed over to the warehouse for packaging and shipping to customers.

The level 2 technical support call-center, and Neurovirtual lead software developers, also work from the Fort Lauderdale office, ensuring that close communication between the support experts and software developers is easy and effective to better serve customers needs.

All connectors, plastic enclosures, most accessories and both primary and secondary packaging is procured from other US companies, further supporting the US economy in the process of providing the highest quality medical equipment to customers around the world.

Quality control is another important measure for Neurovirtual, evidenced by the award of an ISO 13485 quality certificate, which recognizes the company’s strict measures for all facets and components, including design and manufacturing of medical devices, as well as quality management systems that cover sales activities and other essential functions in order to provide the best devices and service to serve all Neurovirtual customers needs.

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