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Neurological effects of covid-19

April 28, 2020

Several studies have begun to describe this phenomenon. One of them, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, indicates that 36% of a group of 214 patients in 3 hospitals in Wuhan had neurological symptoms, such as loss of smell, neuralgia, epilepsy, seizures and strokes, in evidence obtained from electronic medical records (electroencephalography, MRI) and data on neurological symptoms. (Ling Mao, 2020).

An article from New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigious American medical journal, revealed that French doctors studied 58 patients with coronavirus and found that half of them were disoriented or agitated. Brain exams showed possible inflammation in studies carried out via magnetic resonance, electroencephalogram and laboratory samples. (Meziani, 2020).

The coronavirus may be leaving severe sequelae in the brain, not only causing inflammation, but patients are likely to need neurological treatment when they recover, according to French and American doctors. “The more time passes, the more we have abnormal electroencephalograms that show brain, inflammatory or immune damage”, says Nicolás Engrand, a French anesthetist. (The coronavirus would be leaving serious consequences in the brain, 2020).

The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEM) has published the Covid-19 Manual for neurologists, providing information on how to treat patients with neurological symptoms, in addition to presenting studies carried out with electroencephalogram, MRI, medical laboratories and clinical case evidence. (Spanish Society of Neurology, 2020).

The conclusion of Neurovirtual: in order to diagnose neurological disorders with Covid-19 infection and during the recovery process, it is important to perform tests with our BWIII ICU, AEEG team, following all care and disinfection protocols. We remain committed in the area of ​​Neurology with high quality technology to offer a more humane and efficient diagnosis. Currently, our support consists of the availability of our equipment, supplies, and technical support 24/7.

Our BWIII EEG Plus ICU equipment with high quality technology, is recommended to diagnose certain types of neurological disorders arising from Covid-19 during the process and recovery from infection by the patient.

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