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News about Sleep Disorders presented during Colombian Sleep Medicine Association Symposium

March 18, 2022

For those who work in the sleep industry, there is a constant need to have knowledge of what is new in their field of study.  Staying up-to-date allows them to present better treatments and diagnoses for their patients. This was the main objective of the last Colombian Sleep Symposium that took place on February 25th and 26th, in Bogotá, Colombia.

Neurovirtual was a sponsor during this update symposium. The event was opened by Dr. Angelica Bazurto, Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine (ACMES) President.

The doctor is also Head of Service at Colombian Pneumology Foundation Sleep Laboratory, which made some technological changes this year, using our services, our technical support, and BWIII PSG and BWMini HST equipment.

Solutions were exhibited with Neurovirtual’s BWIII PSG and BWMini PSG during this significant event, in addition to supplies for sleep equipment. All of them were presented by our specialized Neurovirtual team: Andrea Parra, LATAM sales manager, Katerin Laverde, Andrea Martinez, and Angie Medellin, Sales Executives.

One more chance to bring recognition!

There were 13 conferences on several essential sleep medicine topics, including discussions about new drugs for insomnia, restless legs in adults, and the ACMES campaign on sleep and health. During the general assembly, there was a tribute for Dr. Jaime Gaviria Palacios and associates.

There were many opportunities to bring recognition to the Neurovirtual brand along with the encouragement of new knowledge and updates that continually improve medical care. The great number of participants and the considerable number of visits to the stand demonstrate an interest in Neurovirtual.  Without a doubt, this is of great value to the strengths of our relationship with the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine`s members.

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