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New technologies were presented at a Symposium in Colombia

May 5, 2022

The city of Bogotá hosted a two-day symposium dedicated to innovations in the field of pediatric neurology. The event was organized by the Colombian Association of Child Neurology and had Neurovirtual as a sponsor and exhibitor. As a result, visitors were able to see firsthand, the BWMini EEG’s feature device, visiting the brand’s space in the exhibition hall.

This was the seventh edition of the Symposium of New Technologies in Pediatric Neurology, which this year offered registered participants the opportunity to participate in person or virtually. The panels and workshops in Spanish or English were divided into four central modules about neurology, epilepsy, neuroimmunology, and the last module whose central theme was abnormal movements. In addition to a module with different themes. Another special meeting for both residents and specialists already known in the field.

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