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Neurovirtual Contributes to the 31st Annual Mexican Society Congress of Pediatric Neurology

May 7, 2022

Knowing that Neurovirtual equipment is designed to support the medical community in their daily lives is nothing new. Besides providing Neurology and Sleep Medicine innovations, Neurovirtual participates in symposiums and congresses. This is where the areas evolve, and its participation in the Annual Mexican Society Congress of Pediatric Neurology is an example of this commitment.

The 31st edition took place between May 16th and 21st, 2022, in Querétaro, Mexico. Due to the difficulties still imposed by the pandemic, it was also possible to participate virtually. Not all in-person presentations and workshops were available remotely, but it was possible to watch some lectures from home (or office) and interact directly with the presenters through the platform.

Working side by side with doctors

Participants of the congress were able to check out some of Neurovirtual solutions while visiting their booth. In attendance were Neurovirtual sales representatives, there to explain a little more about its products and deliver flyers with strategic information.

On display and being demonstrated, was a BWIII EEG Plus device, where participants were able to see how the device works and its practicality.  Dr. Rodolfo Cesar Callejas Rojas, neurologist, and specialist in sleep disorders, chose the Neurovirtual device for a demonstration during his conference entitled “Video-electroencephalogram with polysomnography as a diagnostic standard”. Attendees could see routine PSG and EEG functionalities that allow the user to perform PSG and EEG studies on the same hardware and software platform.

With a recognition that only a leading brand in the Mexican electroencephalography market can achieve, Neurovirtual’s participation in this congress was unique. And thanks to them, health specialists were able to verify that, in addition to the technologies, the Neurovirtual brand has a great human capital that supports the quality of its equipment.

Conference Success

According to the Mexican Society of Pediatric Neurology, the objective of the congress was to share relevant knowledge in daily clinical practice, especially those for the benefit of patients. To this end, they brought together more than 100 Mexican and foreign teachers to share their knowledge and experiences.

The high-level of academic activities were diverse: from workshops held before the opening of the congress, in the virtual, and in-person modality, such as the neonatal neurology symposium and master’s conferences, to the presentation of works and theses.

There was great participation from the different training centers for pediatric neurologists, who offered explanations about their research to exchange knowledge. The objective of the congress was fulfilled. And in this way, the proposed activities of prevention, education, and research in neurological pathologies in the pediatric age could reach all participants in the best way.

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