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Neurovirutal participates in the XI Congresso Paulista de Neurologia, in São Paulo

May 27, 2017

The XI Congresso Paulista de Neurologia was hosted at the Hotel Sofitel Jequitimar in Guarujá, brought together some 2,000 participants between 24 and 27 of May, whose were interested to meet and share knowledge in the area. The event, organized by the APAN – Associação Paulista de Neurologia (Paulista Association of Neurology), together with the APM – Associação Paulista de Medicina (Paulista Association of Medicine), is one of the most important meetings of the country’s medical calendar.

In addition to the Brazilian speakers, the congress brought three international speakers: Marteen Holders, professor at Erasmus Medical Center, in the Netherlands; José Biller of Loyola University Chicago and Martin Bordie, who runs the Glasgow epilepsy unit in Scotland.

Among the new features of the XI Congresso Paulista de Neurologia, we highlight the section Survival, a challenge in which participants took clinical cases to ask for opinions from specialists, share their experiences and difficulties, and present a challenge for debate. With no deadline to finish, the last participant in the room was the “surviver”.

In addition, another activity that attracted interest from the participants was the Medical Management course, taught by Dr. Li Li Min, lecturer at UNICAMP.

During the congress, Neurovirtual presented its line of equipment with the latest technology. Highlight for the BWIII EEG Plus ICU Monitoring EEG, which allows the customization of protocols for the Neuro-ICU, NICU, Stroke and Trauma ICU or video EEG / LTM Online medical evaluation from any workstation, among other possibilities, such as online review by the doctor.

Another highlight of Neurovirtual was the BWMini Ambulatory EEG amplifier, a novelty in the field of home exams that has full capacity for an ambulatory EEG, with LCD screen and allows to upgrade from AEEG to HST / PSG devices and vice versa.

“Neurovirtual participates in the largest medical events in the area of neurology in Brazil and worldwide. With the rapid advancement of medicine and the technology available in the market, we work together to develop equipment that facilitates more and more diagnoses and treatments,” says Sandro Senra, clinical specialist at Neurovirtual.

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