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Neurovirtual participates in “Epilepsy Week” in Paraguay

July 6, 2019

semana de la epilepsia

Seeking to eradicate the myths, clarify management procedures and present perspectives on epilepsy, the Paraguayan League for the Fight Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the Paraguayan Epilepsy Association (IBE) organized “Epilepsy Week,” an extraordinary event held in April of 2019.


Dr Walter Camargo – President of the Bolivian Society of Neurology, Andrea Parra – Sales Manager Latam, and Jorge Vellacich – Distributor in Paraguay.

Bringing together approximately 200 participants, the week was full of social and cultural activities, combined with scientific sessions and innovative and productive workshops for the audience. Several topics were addressed, such as focal crisis, diagnosis in children, treatments and therapeutic conduct, highlighting the importance of constant updating in healthcare.


Presentation with BWAnalysis EEG / ICU / LTM – Neurovirtual Software.

Represented by Latam Sales Manager Andrea Parra, Neurovirtual participated throughout the week, presenting its electroencephalography line of equipment, highlighting especially the BWIII EEG, BWIII EEG PLUS and BWIII EEG Plus ICU. It was a great opportunity to reinforce the company’s leadership in terms of quality and technology in the industry.


Andrea Parra – Latam Sales Manager and Jorge Vellacich – Paraguay Distributor.

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