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The Gulf of Morrosquillo Epilepsy Journey promotes advances in the field of neurology through regional and international symposiums

February 15, 2023

The Gulf of Morrosquillo Epilepsy Journey, held in Coveñas, Colombia, featured a great exchange of information among professionals in the field, further strengthening studies and research in the area of neurology. Always encouraging this type of initiative, Neurovirtual set up a complete stand where it exhibited the BWIII PSG Plus and BWMini PSG equipment for the participants to learn about. The regional epilepsy symposiums and the international symposium on pharmaceutically resistant epilepsy during childhood stood out during the programming. The event took place from February 9th to 11th.

During the event, speakers presented the latest research and developments in epilepsy treatment around the world, as well as the use of new techniques for diagnosing and managing neurological diseases. Rapid identification of epilepsy and the risks in these cases were some of the topics discussed. “This great international meeting provided a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and connections among healthcare professionals working in the field of epilepsy,” said Neurovirtual CEO Ed Faria.

This epilepsy journey featured the presence of renowned professionals in the field and brought together over 60 doctors, nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals. Neurovirtual stood out at the event as one of the most impactful sponsoring brands and, at its stand, received some experts in the field, such as Dr. Mario Alonso, Dr. Adriana Serje, Dr. Juan Carlos Perez, Dr. Ivan Gaona, Dr. Jean Paul Vergara, and Dr. Karen Kseij.

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