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27th National Congress of the Mexican Society of Pediatric Neurology A.C.

May 26, 2018

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More than 500 pediatric neurology specialists and residents attended the 27th National Congress of the Mexican Society of Pediatric Neurology A.C., conducted from May 22nd to May 26th at the Sheraton Soberano Chihuahua Hotel.

With the participation of world-renowned professors, this event guided participants through the latest developments in advanced medicine, seeking to make attendants aware of the needs of the community, in relation to illnesses pediatric neurology treats on a daily basis. There was a set of workshops and symposiums, as well as the presentation of clinical cases of epilepsy, and a sleep workshop which was divided into two sessions.

The specialists present at the event, had the opportunity to visit the commercial lounge, where we were in attendance, to give information about our full line of products for neurology, with BWIII EEG in the limelight, a light portable device designed to conduct routine EEG tests.33_2

To close the event, at the final dinner , the Mexican Society of Pediatric Neurology held a raffle of the BWIII EEG Neurovirtual device, and Dr. Leticia Munive Báez, pediatric neurologist from Mexico City, was the lucky winner.
“We are constantly interested in participating in these events as they give us insight into the latest innovations and needs of the market, in order to improve our products, and to continue being a competitive brand in the industry,” Marcelo Belli, sales representative for Mexico


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