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2nd Online Diploma Course in Sleep Medicine, Argentina

August 18, 2016


2nd Online Diploma Course in Sleep Medicine


Dr. Daniel Pérez Chada, Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires.

Dr. Daniel P. Cardinali, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Dr. Arturo Garay, CEMIC, Buenos Aires.


Dr. Stella Valiensi, Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires.

Target audience:

University graduates from programs related to Biomedical Sciences (physicians, psychologists, nurses, biologists, etc.). Eligibility requirements include the submission of candidate´s curriculum vitae. Other eligible candidates with a bachelor´s degree for whom a thorough knowledge in Physiology and Sleep Medicine is more and more important will not be excluded.

Information and enrollment: Graduate Department, Universidad Austral

Ph.: (54) 230-448.2574 / 2572 – Fax: (54) 230-448.2233 – Cell.: (54) 11 15-5414-6497 –

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