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1st Polysomnography Course and Workshop for Sleep Medicine Technologists and Specialists

June 22, 2016

Neurovirtual held the 1st Polysomnography Course and Workshop in Mexico City. Participants from Mexico City, other regions in the country, and from other countries were welcomed by Neurovirtual and by the Director of the Instituto Mexicano de Medicina del Sueño, Dr. Reyes Haro Valencia.
Guest specialists explained the selected topics to the attendees; participants learned and reinforced their technical knowledge on how to use the polysomnograph and learned about new specialized studies in Sleep Medicine as well as other disorders affecting the sleep quality of patients.
The course was aimed at showing the latest knowledge to technologists and specialized physicians so that they can conduct the best practices thanks to the training they received.

We would like to thank both, the instructors and technical specialists in Sleep Medicine, who were our national and international guests and who conducted this workshop in the most professional manner:

• Dr. Reyes Haro Valencia, IMMIS – Instituto Mexicano de Medicina Integral de Sueño Founder and Director, Mexico.
• Dr. Ulises Jiménez Correa, Physician in charge of the Sleep Disorders Clinic, School of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico.
• Romel Gutiérrez RPSGT, Clinical Specialist, Mexico.
• Lourdes Galicia RPSGT, Technical Specialist, Mexico.
• Alicia Castillo RPSGT, Technical Specialist, Mexico.
• Dr. Liliana Estrada, Founder and Director of the sleep clinic SleepMed in Costa Rica.
• Dr. Carmen Madrid, Founder and Director of the clinic “Medicina de Sueño” in Panama.
• RPSGT Felipe Lerida, US Clinical Specialist.
• Dr. Lina Marcela Tavera Saldaña, Pediatric Neurologist, Fundación Conexión Neurológica de Colombia.
• Dra. Karem Parejo, Neurologist, Sleep Laboratory Coordinator, Fundación Clínica Shaio, Colombia.
We would also like to thank our sponsors: Resmed and Weinmann.
We´ll meet next year!

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    I am looking for customized short course or training attachment in polysomnography in your campus.

    If you can please guide me how to apply for it if available.

    I will appreciated your reply

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