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Neurovirtual: Successful Partnership in the 4th Certification Course for PSG Technicians

October 9, 2023

On September 23rd and 24th, 2023, Bogotá hosted the 4th Certification Course for PSG Technicians, a pivotal event in the field of Polysomnography (PSG). We hosted this sponsorship and gathered prominent healthcare professionals. PSG plays an essential role in diagnosing sleep disorders, and continuous training for technicians is crucial.

The two-day course included our practical PSG connection workshop, where we used state-of-the-art equipment such as BWIII PSG and BWMINI PSG for real-time practices. Furthermore, the program featured lectures and assessments designed to strengthen the skills of PSG technicians and foster the exchange of experiences among colleagues. As the main sponsor, we take pride in driving innovation in medical technology.

This collaboration with the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine – ACMES underscores our shared commitment to improving healthcare and professional education. In summary, the 4th PSG Technician Certification Course in Bogotá was a success, advancing education and healthcare in the field of Sleep Medicine.

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