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Neurovirtual features EMU solutions at the 69th Annual American Epilepsy Society Meeting

January 17, 2016

The 2015 American Epilepsy Society meeting took place in historic Philadelphia, December 4th through the 8th, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year’s show was the largest to date  with attendees from all 50 US states sharing new ideas, research abstracts, and treatment options.
“AES hosts its annual meeting with one goal in mind: to provide our broad community of epilepsy professionals with world-class education in order to take our understanding of epilepsy to the next level,” said AES Executive Director Eileen Murray.

“Thanks to our board, planning committee, members, speakers, exhibitors, attendees, and staff, we accomplished our goal.”

Some of the most popular topics discussed at the meeting included (From the AES website):

  • Pharmaceutical CBD (cannabidiol) for severe epilepsy Global interest is growing in using CBD for children with severe epilepsy, and three studies presented at the meeting looked at safety
    and efficacy in the largest trial of CBD to date.
  • Personal monitoring devices – Three personal monitoring devices unveiled at the meeting offer biometric recording technology that could allow patients to monitor clinical and subclinical seizure activity in the everyday home environment and get advance warning before a seizure strikes.
  • Better management options for status epilepticus in children
  • A medical emergency with a high mortality rate, status epilepticus requires prompt treatment, but what constitutes the appropriate care is an area of intense debate.

Neurovirtual featured our BW3 EMU and ICU monitoring device, featuring an all-in-one package including a powerful amplifier and software suite with the clearest trace, and industry-leading customization, which allows medical professionals to modify and display acquired data as preferred. The cart is ergonomically designed to be at eye level and includes a UPS battery back-up, touch screen PC, wireless mouse and keyboard, and HD PTZ camera for complete flexibility.

We are also the only company offering unlimited reader licenses for the life of your system, an attractive feature when consulting with physicians across facilities and departments.





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