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“Healthy sleep, healthy heart” was the theme of the XXV Annual Congress of the Spanish Sleep Society

June 22, 2017


Health professionals from several parts of the world met in April in the city of Santander, Spain to participate in the XXV Congress of the Spanish Sleep Society. The event had as its central theme the relationship between quantity and quality of sleep with cardiovascular health, such as heart risk in the treatment of sleep apnea, among other relevant topics.

In addition to the lectures with renowned professionals from Spain and other countries, there were also debates around recent or future clinical guidelines and topical issues linked to sleep medicine, mediated by specialists, with the active participation of health professionals who attended the event.


During the congress, Sleepvirtual presented its line of equipment with the latest technology. Highlight for the BWMini PSG, a lightweight and compact amplifier, designed for Type 3 HST upgradeable to Type 2 HST and Type 1 Laboratorial Polysomnography also upgradeable to EEG Ambulatory. Another item presented was the BWIII PSG Plus, which allows the user to perform both EEG and Polysomnography from the same hardware and software platform, in an equipment that can be transported from one location to another easily.


“Sleepvirtual takes part in the main events and discussions on sleep medicine around the world and Spain has had international projection in the subjects related to the theme. Participating in this event enables us to be updated with the main available studies and, thus, offers the best alternative for the diagnosis”, states Marcelo Belli, Sales Manager of the company in Mexico.

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