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Maxxi Snore Sensor

Snore sensors make it possible to precisely identify signals that detect the presence of snoring.

Using a Piezo-Electric Crystal, the Maxxi Snore Piezo Snore Sensor converts vibrations in the neck caused by snoring to a small analog voltage that provides a clear, reliable indication of the presence of snoring.  Maxxi Snore implemented a small bump into the design of the Piezo Snore sensor which maintains constant contact with the patient’s skin throughout movements or sweating so that you will consistently receive quality signals throughout the night with little to no artifact.

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Item Name Description Part Number
Maxxi Snore Sensor 7ft Piezo Snore Sensor (7ft) / Safety DIN Connectors SI1487
Piezo Snore Sensor 7ft Key Piezo Snore Sensor (7ft) / Safety DIN Connectors SI1036
Piezo Snore Sensor 2ft Piezo Snore Sensor (2ft) / Safety DIN Connectors SI1480